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Square Foot Garden Planning Project

Sqaure Foot Gardening Planning Assignment - Links to handouts below.

For this assignment, you will begin by planning a square foot garden that is 3 ft wide by 9 ft long. 

Certain varieties of plants required different amounts of space. Using the square foot gardening method, we can increase the productivity of our garden, and reduce the time we need to spend weeding and watering. 

Choose at a minimum 9 different vegetables to grow.

Draw a picture or write the name of each vegetable you will plant in each square foot.

In some way, indicate the number of plants you will plant in that square foot. Ex. 4 little picture of celery, or write the number four, or draw four circles evenly spaced out.

You will also need to consider the height of each plant so you don’t accidently shade out smaller plants. Indicate where SOUTH is on your grid.

Use pencil crayons and shade in the time frame from planting to harvest over the course of the semester. 

Use the West Coast Seeds guide to plan the dates for seeding, indoor starting, or direct sow, etc.

If the harvest time is after June, extend the colour past the edge and write in the box an estimated harvest date. If the harvest date is before the end of june, plan what you would plant in succession (i.e., after you harvest).

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