Student Instructions

Welcome to the Homesteading Project! In this project, you will have the opportunity to browse for properties online and design a garden blueprint that will produce enough food for a family of four. You will also need to create a budget for your garden and stay within the $750,000 budget.

Before you begin, create a new powerpoint slide show or word document to collect the information and/or links that you find.

Step 1: Criteria for the Property

Step 2: Property Search

Step 3: Property Presentation

Step 4: Garden Design

Estimate of food production:

Step 5: Budgeting

Step 6: Presentation and Discussion

The final product for this homesteading project will be a detailed map of your homestead, including gardening areas, compost areas, rainwater collection systems, animal areas, the house, greenhouse, and any other additional features you choose to include. 

Your map should be accompanied by a garden blueprint and budget that outline the materials and resources required for the homestead design. It can be designed on paper or digitally produced using PowerPoint, Canva or another graphic design app.

Through this project, you will learn the importance of sustainability and self-sufficiency in food production, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to design and maintain a homestead. Good luck with your project!