Instructions - Handout

See the handout for more details.

Click here to see an example 

Create a slideshow presentation introducing your nutrient, answering the questions, and providing pictures and examples. Be sure to cite your sources!

Pick a primary, secondary or trace nutrient to research and answer these questions: 

1.Where can we find this nutrient supplement? (what fertilizer?) (include at least 1 picture) 

2. What happens when there is too much of this nutrient? 

3. What happens if there is a deficiency of this nutrient?(Include at least 1 picture)

Need a nutrient? Pick one off the list and let me know which one you've chosen.

Ben - Nickel

Joe - Sulfur

Ethan - Zinc

Hamish - Copper

Miller - Calcium

Jaeda - Iron

Riley - Nitrogen

Kate - Magnesium

Sierra - Phosphorus

Noah - Potassium

Paige - Boron

Vada - Chorline

Isobel - Molybdenum

Jackson - Manganese