Welcome To Photography 9

This page will contain announcements, links, etc for you to easily access. 

Click the button to view the presentation schedule. You will share two of your projects with the class. Be sure to review the rubric as well. Assignments 1 & 2 do not count.

SharePoint, Fav Photo & Face Edit

To complete Assignment 1, you need to work through tasks 1-3. 

Due February 3, 2023

Photo Illusion

Create a trick / illusion photograph

Due February 9, 2023 - Sharing in class Feb 10

Careers in Photography

Create a slideshow about the different careers possible in the field of photography

Due February 20, 2023

Elements of Photography & Composition

Create a SharePoint page highlighting the elements of photographic art and photographic composition.

Due March 3, 2023

Exposure Explorations

Answer some questions about exposure using these simulators.

Due April 6, 2023

Know Your Device

You will explore all of the functionality of your device and demostrate some of it's setting by creating a SharePoint page to highlight 6 of you best photos taken with different adjustment.

Due April 14, 2023

Get To Know Photoshop

Get to know Photoshop. Complete some tutorials and colour a picture

Due April 21, 2023

Photoshop Poster

Create a poster in Photoshop.

Due April 28, 2023

Historical Photography Research

Research a pre 1970s event or photographer through the lens of photography

Due May 12, 2023

Food Photography

Find and prepare a recipe, photograph it, and share it with friends or family.

Due June 10, 2023

Variety of Shots

Learn 19 different types of shots to take.

Due June 20, 2023

Portrait & Magazine Cover

Learn to edit a portrait of yourself and create a magazine cover.

Due June 25, 2023

80 Unique Shots of an Object

Practice your photography skills by taking 80 unique shots of the same object.

Due June 25, 2023