Assignment 3 - Create a rhythm pattern using found sounds

Your task with this assignment is: Program at least an 8 bar (hopefully more), repeating drum pattern using GarageBand on the iPad and/or Mac.

To complete this assignment you need to:

What I am looking for:


A mini documentary off the Bonus DVD from Amon Tobin's 2007 release "Foley Room." It chronicles his process for making the record from found sounds in nature and field recordings from animals, machines, live instruments, etc. Really inspiring!

All Copyright and shout outs to Amon Tobin, Ninja Tune and crew related in the production of this documentary.

Amon Tobin - Part 1: Foley Room

Amon Tobin - Part 2: Foley Room

Finneas (Billy Eilish's Brother & Producer) on Found Sounds