Setting up Cloud-based File Management

All of your completed assignments will be shared as an audio file and a screenshot unless otherwise directed.

We will use OneDrive to transfer files and to hand in assignments. 

a. Locate in the app, click the + button, or on a PC click New and create a folder

b. Name this folder with your name and the word music class or something similar. Ex. Bradley's Music Folder

c. Share this folder with me and turn on editing permissions. I will leave feedback in your folders.

d. In your music folder, you will create separate folders for each assignment. Make two new folders for the first three assignments. Name them as follows:

For each assignment, you will save your audio file and screenshot in each relevant folder. For additional assignments, continue to create new assignment specific folders.

Exporting from GarageBand iOS

Shared Drop Box

You can also use the Drop Box on the previous page. Click the link, sign-in and upload any of your files here. It is very important that you include your name and the assignment title in any files that you upload or I will not know who's files are who's and they will be deleted. You can even create your own folder in there.

You can also use this folder to exchange files with your peers.